Hello! I'm Anna Walker, a Nashville, TN native with a passion to help millions of women create exude style and substance. As the founder and CEO of The Total You Image Consulting™  and The Total You Life + Style® Coaching, I use my 25+ years of experience helping women enhance their image and improve personally and professionally.  I truly believe that,

each of us has an inner brilliance that will shine only when we become who we were meant to be.

I also believe that your life will speak to you. There must be a congruency with you were created to be and what you do- it's life's greatest gift.  My passion for what I do has been featured in local newspapers, magazines, radio and television talk shows, but my real love is the interaction with women as a speaker, consultant, and trainer in the area of Image Management and organizations in Nashville and surrounding areas.

I have a BA in Economics from Spelman College and a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, Costa Mesa, CA Campus. Some of my best educational experiences have come from women all over the world, who have taught me the true meaning of beauty, purpose, fulfillment, and persistence.

My passion for service has led me to serve as a board member for Bridges for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a ASL signer for the deaf and hard of hearing at my church, a personal stylist for Dress for Success/Nashville, Diversity Lead for the State of Tennessee, Executive Council Member and Volunteer Leader for AARPTN, a board member for  ICFTN (International Coaching Federation), an instructor at Nashville Community Education Center, and a graduate of Coach University. 


Does your image project confidence and excellence? or uncertainty and mediocrity?… Is your image congruent with you who are today or does it say "expired 1995"?  Whether or not we realize it, our image matters. Your image can make or break a career, a family, or a home. Image and Success are inextricably linked.

For women over 40, The Total You Image Consulting will help you develop and enhance your image to achieve your professional and personal goals.  The company offers consulting services to help clients find congruency in their inner and outer image in their work and personal lives. Finding congruency will result in discovering and creating a unique style, reimagining a desired life, and becoming savvy in key areas to continuously improve. 

THE WHAT: The Total You applies its Double-Diamond Model to create your outer and inner image. Outwardly, The Total You Woman is savvy in Travel and Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, Personal Growth and Development, and Health and Fitness. Inwardly, The Total You Woman is in tune with how her Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul must be congruent with who she is.

THE HOW: For women over 40 who want to discover new passions and possibilities and "what's next", The Total You Life+Style® Coaching helps you reimagine your life with five keys to uncovering a life of purpose and possibility (Excavate, Discover, Clarify, Refine, Become). We help to excavate from within you, the total YOU.

Let us help you become The Total You!

Totally Yours,