by Anna Walker


Over the past ten years, I have been on a journey towards discovering who I am meant to be.  It doesn't mean dissatisfaction with who I am, on the contrary, it means continuous improvement. It means daily committing to being more and more authentic and listening to my life and purpose speak. My purpose continually shines forth in the night like a beacon of light leading me towards it. The more I say no what I don't want, the more I can say yes to what I do want.

I do a lot, I mean A LOT of volunteer work. Mainly, because I love it. I came to the conclusion that I would rather volunteer than get paid for something I wouldn't enjoy, adds stress, and not fulfilling my purpose. It became clear that I VALUED purpose more than a paycheck. I'm clarifying my purpose, gifts and values NOW, so that I will have lived a life of fulfillment THEN. Then is when I leave this earth empty because I have lived it to the best of my ability-to the fullest.

As a Guide for AARP Life Reimagined, I have studied many tools on discovering new ways of thinking and new possibilities. I found a test on the site by renowned Dr. Phil McGraw. It was intriguing because it was a Test of Congruency.  The word congruency is huge for me, so I took it. It asked you to choose words that describe who you are, and then choose from a list of words that describe who you want to be.The results compared the two. I scored high because I have been on this journey a while. Words like approachable, compassionate, resourceful and knowledgeable had more meaning to me now than words of my past like people-pleaser, passive, fearful, and likeable. I am working towards becoming philanthropic, wealthy, wise. These are not just wishful thinking words, I create opportunities now!

This week, I encourage you to identify those words that best describe you now and those that will describe you then.  For example, are you:

NOW: Beautiful, Faithful, Strong, Arrogant,

THEN: Philanthropic, Intellectual, Adept, Supportive

Knowing who you are, despite circumstances, setbacks and triumphs will ensure that you will live a life on purpose, congruent with who you were meant to be.