by Anna Walker


In a previous post, I mentioned that I am in school for my coaching certification.  Throughout my coursework, I have learned a great deal about the field of coaching and the desired outcomes for the coachee.  Most importantly, I have learned more about myself.

Every chapter in our coaching book includes a section on DISTINCTIONS. These are two closely related terms with subtle, yet important differences in meaning.  For example, there are distinct differences in the terms hearing vs. understanding or authentic vs. truthful. Understanding these distinctions has allowed me to perceive new layers of meaning and shift my thoughts and actions. Last week, we learned about TOLERATION VS. ACCEPTANCE. Toleration is something we put up with, which can be eliminated; acceptance is understanding that a condition or circumstance cannot change, but our attitude or approach can alter our perspective about it.

So I began to delve deeper into some things that I know I have tolerated in my life and have become determined to eliminate them.  Here are my top 10 tolerations:

  1. Expecting more success than I am Investing.
  2. Procrastination and tardiness
  3. Not writing down my goals and sticking to them
  4. Being less of a risk taker
  5. Not trusting myself to dream bigger and take action.
  6. Being more organized (I'm a tote bag hoarder-I love fab totes!)
  7. Watching three (or more) hours of the classics and westerns on tv when I should be more productive.
  8. Not holding myself to a higher standard.
  9. Leaving dishes in the sink overnight (I know...I know...)
  10. Being overweight and not doing what I know to do about it.

I encourage you to take an assessment of your tolerations. Accept the things you cannot change and stop tolerating the things you can.