by Anna Walker


Life is filled with the questions like what, when, how, and where. What do I want out of life? when will change happen? how much do I need to invest to get the result I want? Over the years, I have asked myself these questions time and time again.

On my quest for clarity and purpose, I found Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why on a Ted Talk video. He asks the question, why are others able to achieve things that defy assumptions? He discovered a pattern of thinking, behavior, and action of successful people.  It is explained by "The Golden Circle" of What, How and Why.  He purports that we all know what we do and how we do it, but few know why. Why do I exist, why do I believe what I believe? Inspired leaders all think, act, and communicate from the inside out-getting to the heart of the matter of why.

This concept resonated with me. How strongly do I believe in WHY I do what I do? Does my belief in who I am and why I do what I do resonate with others? I know that I am a sum total of my values, choices, environment, relationships, etc., but do others believe in me to the degree that I believe in myself? 

This week, I encourage you to write down what you believe about yourself, your life, your purpose. As Oprah says, "what I know for sure". Does your life answer the question of why?