by Anna Walker


The next area of timeless beauty is walking like a lady. The casualness of our dress, speech, and behavior have caused us to be more relaxed in our walk. Since body language is over 55% of our communication, we should pay particular attention.  

Aside from our toddler years, many of us never learned anything more about how to walk.  It was basically put one foot in front of the other and go. However, some of us learned that there was an art to walking- a hidden message that contributed to our level of confidence, image, and success. As a child, my mother required me to stand against a wall with a book on my head and walk in a straight line.  Years later, I would learn that same technique in charm school. Walking properly displays poise. Physically, it adds length to our spine and allows for proper blood and oxygen flow. 

This week's post challenges you to walk the walk.  Be mindful of your gait and how you carry yourself.  When you find yourself slouching, looking down, arms flailing-stop yourself and auto correct.  Here are few tips on walking that are great reminders:

1. Stand up straight, don't arch you back, foot forward.

2. Position your chin so that it is parallel to the ground, not downward. Keep your arms at your sides. They will follow a natural stride when you walk.

3. Shoulders back.

4. Imagine a line in front of you and try to follow it, placing one foot in front of the other.

 Remember that your image includes walking. A powerful walk creates a powerful presence.