by Anna Walker


I was rummaging through my books and stumbled upon one that I read over 10 years ago, Seven Secrets to Timeless Beauty by Norma Day and Karen Pressley.  This book helps you discover your inner beauty reflected on the outside and offers tips on makeup, personal style, and elegance.

I decided to re-read this book to remind myself (and you through this blog) about the art of being a woman. These days, with laissez faire attitudes, more casual and revealing dress, and overly exercised freedom of speech, the art of womanhood seems lost. Where is the intrinsic excellence? the grace and elegance that once defined us? the "Art of Elegant Movements", as Day titles one of her chapters.

This week's post will highlight this chapter on "visual poise". Poise is the way you carry yourself- balancing yourself with grace, composure, and assurance. Many times we don't think about how we walk, sit, or stand.  Many studies have shown that great posture improves digestion, prevents back and joint pain, and creates a look of confidence. Added to that, poise brings back that element of femininity.  It seems like the basic stance today is one leg crossed in front of the other to create a more linear and leaner look. For those of us who find that uncomfortable, Day states these basic stance rules:

1. Stand with your feet about one inch apart.

2. Turn the right foot slightly outward..

3. Move the left heel toward the instep of your right foot.

In the next three weeks, we will look at other timeless beauty tips. Stay tuned!