by Anna Walker



Have you ever wondered how some people can enter a room and you feel their presence? You sense that they are set apart from others in the room in some way. That is the power of presence.  It is not the only clothes they are wearing, but something they exude.

The power of presence is a not only about the outer, but a congruency with the inner person that is so aligned, it exudes confidence and a high sense of self worth. This sense of self-worth does not stem from pride or arrogance, but an awareness that their lives matter, that they have a contribution to make in the world, and they know their personal style.

For the purpose of this post, I have identified five key steps to unforgettable presence:

1.Body Language Non- Verbal sends messages.  Are you aware of how you are speaking non- verbally? Your body knows – and so does everyone else who is watching you. Your Handshake, Posture, Gait, Walk and Stance speak volumes. The next time you are feeling present – notice what your body is doing.  

 2. Dress/Makeup Finding your personal style can be a part of developing your individual brand.  When you dress in a way that is congruent to who you are as a person – a by-product is you feel great in your clothes, great about look and you better project your authenticity. Remember, your fragrance-subtle and memorable- a reflection of who you are.

 3.Communication –Verbal and Voice The phrases and the tone of voice you use – or your alignment in personal congruence(thought-word-action)  can be some of the largest statements of your presence and how you carry yourself.  Watch some of your favorite people, motivational speakers, or actors and notice what qualities of speech you admire in them.  Because we admire those whom we like, they may give you insight as to what qualities you want to enhance. Increase your vocabulary. Read more articles in order to be “au courant” on several topics.

 4.Character When you live your values and know what is important and meaningful and honor it, even in the face of disagreement, this leaves an impression.  This type of congruence of heart and mind creates presence. “Your gift will take you where your character won’t keep you.”

 5. Authenticity  When you know who you are and know your passions, it is inspiring to others. The way you are in your life says a lot about your level of personal presence and is so much a part of the path of personal leadership.  Are you aware of your IMPACT? Do you respond to the opportunities that arise? The way you are approaching life demonstrates your current level of presence.

I encourage you to be intentional about walking with unforgettable presence. Your uniqueness sets you apart from anyone else.  Who you are in the inside determines what you do with your outside- discover The Total You. 


This week, we will look at some of the hottest new fragrances for spring. I am a creature of habit.  I have worn the same fragrances for almost 15 years. They are my go to.  Michael Kors Original for all seasons and Calvin Klein's Euphoria for fall and winter.  There are others I love to wear, but these are my staples. I read somewhere that one of the biggest compliment someone can pay you is when she says, "That smells like you."