by Anna Walker


Ever since I have found a new lease on goal setting and visioning, I have seen many doors of opportunity open.  I was recently nominated to serve as a board member for one the organizations I've supported for years. I was also selected to join a leadership team to affect change in Middle TN with one of the largest organizations in the country. I have been intent on focusing, building momentum, and aligning myself with those whose lives and mission are congruent with my own. The activities I have chosen have been centered around organizations who give back, have a relevant cause and aim to make an impact on the world. The third quarter of the year is approaching and I find myself asking, where do I go from here?

My thoughts are bombarded with the change I want to make and the changes that are taking place beyond my control-like the outcome of the presidential election, terrorists attacks, Flint water crisis, mass shootings, even those close to me dying too young. In these times we need HOPE ETERNAL to encourage us to believe in the God Who sees, hears, and understands all that concerns us. When we face challenges, take time for reflection, or find ourselves at a new trajectory in life, this is one of the questions we ask ourselves in order to take stock in where we are and what's next.

I have resolved that we must move onward, relying on- among many things-HOPE to see us through.  We continue to set new goals, but with laser intent on substantive, rather than lofty ones. We laser focus on things that will make a difference in the lives of others and not just ourselves. We pay it forward, go beyond the call of duty and reimagine our lives being part of the solution and not the problem. We dream of world peace and purpose to keep peace in our minds and hearts. Where do we go from here? onward with laser focus to reach out and lend a helping hand, to be a parent who is present, a daughter who gets to serve her aging parent, a mentor to someone who needs your time and wisdom, a wife who loves unconditionally. If we continue to focus on what really matters to us, we will end up with monumental mile markers on our journey and reach a destination of fulfillment and meaning.  Our internal compass will guide us, allow it to lead the way.


In keeping with our theme for the month, let's look at some great travel tips. I talk about travel a lot because I'm adventurous and love to explore new things.  Fodor's is the world's largest publisher of world tourism and travel. I always consult the wealth of information they provide when I travel. It offers great ideas, news, and forums. This week, I'm highlighting four of ten basic tips it recommends.  Whether you are traveling in the country or abroad these are great guides for the "supertraveler":

1.When traveling internationally, it’s easy to rack up cell phone charges. Instead of paying your wireless carrier to use data while overseas, Xcom Global will rent you a personal wireless hotspot that conveniently fits in your pocket or bag. 

2.  With a wide range of battery backups, frequent travelers need something that won’t lose charge after one or two uses. Jackery offers that and comes in different sizes and styles.

3.With a fast application and interview process, Global Entry provides travelers with a speedier re-entry into the country with a quick scan and no lines.


4. With the purchase of Priority Pass, you can gain access to hundreds of lounges in airports around the world. It doesn’t matter what airline or frequent flyer program you are associated with, Priority Pass will provide you entrance, and with a convenient app for smart phones that offers all the possible options in each airport, it saves time and allows for that extra relaxation period before your flight.


SOURCE10 Products and Services Every Super Traveler Needs, Posted by on April 9, 2015 at WWW.FODORS.COM/ PHOTOS: Courtesy of Adam Groffman/www.travelsofadam.com; Courtesy of Jackery; Lars Kastilan/Dreamstime; Courtesy Priority Pass.