by Anna Walker


Hello Jewels!

We have taken time to organize our time and our thoughts from the last two posts. This week's post is the final tool I will discuss.  Of course there are several things we can do to organize our lives, but as women, this last one is tantamount! If we can keep this area of our lives organized, we will have given ourselves at least thirty extra minutes a day! Here it is... your CLOSET. Yes, that harbinger of old, new, worn, torn, misused and forgotten clothes, shoes and accessories. A mishmash of things we love, got on sale, will never wear again, can't wear again and never been worn.

We have read scores of articles on how to organize your closet and keep it organized-if you haven't worn it in two seasons, toss it, get rid of the wire hangers, invest in a closet system, rotate your clothes as you wear them, on and on.  

The best way to keep your closet organized-after you have culled and color coded and arranged by type is to STOP buying more clothes! Place yourself on a clothes fast for at least one season. Sure, we may need that one piece to round out a look, but STOP! The next phase, SHOP YOUR CLOSET!  So there it is, STOP and SHOP. There are at least 10 different new combinations of outfits you've never thought of because you always pair that same pant and top together. Wear that great jacket over a sleeveless sheath dress instead of pants, or mix patterns to add flair- florals and stripes are amazing together. Purpose to find at least five new outfits from your closet. You will love the new looks and find that you don't need as many new clothes as you think.  Haven't worn that gorgeous gown in a few years? Have your tailor cut it off to cocktail length. Change the buttons on that older coat or shorten that skirt. So many options to choose from!  Happy organizing!



Of course, I had to show you two of my favorite closets I found online. I have an older home with a small walk-in that I share with my husband. I also have space in a hall closet and two bedrooms. I know! I know! I'm working on it.... In the meantime, I dream...