by Anna Walker



Happy  Wednesday!

Last week's post was part one of a three part discussion on how I organize my life. I noted how my new Erin Condren Life Planner is one of the tools I use to organize my TIME, plan my goals, take notes, and keep focused.

This week's post discusses a very difficult one that I work continue to work on. I posted in in my July 22nd and August 12th posts last year, but I think it bears discussing again. Managing this area of your life is crucial. It can make or break your life, your time, your relationships, your choices. It's my THOUGHTS. Research says that every day, we have some 70,000-75,000 thoughts! That's amazing. Being the creative and analytical person that I am, I can digress and regress on 10 thoughts in less than a minute. A visual,  a sound, or a familiar scent can instantly transport me to wonderful vacation spot.  You get the picture. It happens to us all.

Harnessing those thoughts takes recognition and discipline. As I've heard before, I have to  think about my thoughts. Deliberately choose what enters, leaves and allowed to linger in my mind and for how long. I can mentally oscillate between several thoughts or I can choose to focus on one, or a few. In some instances, it's best to just dismiss the thought,  like negativity.  It's easy to relive an incident that happened several years ago as if it were yesterday. The mind is incredible.

In order to gain control over my thoughts, I start each day with prayer and meditation. I seek wisdom and guidance over my mind and thoughts. I read a quote, "Start each day with a grateful heart."  This is surely a solution to combat negativity and self-doubt. My father used to always say, "Humility's answer to all of life's needs is thanksgiving." These are words I have lived by for many years. A heart of GRATITUDE keeps the weeds of anger, disappointment and pride from harvesting in our minds. It sets the tone for an optimistic approach to life. I realize the world can be cold and mean. The vicissitudes  of life happen to us all. Being mindful of our thoughts and having a grateful heart can change the atmosphere in our minds and our outlook on life.

This week, I challenge you to organize your thoughts and think about what you are thinking about! Be grateful.


One of the ways I keep a heart of gratitude is to keep a gratitude jar on my desk. I first heard it on Oprah. My jar is on my desk so I can add to it as often as I think of something. It was a Christmas gift from my wonderful aunt, Gloria. They can be purchased inexpensively from stores like Target and TJMaxx or online at Etsy.