by Anna Walker


My hometown of Nashville, TN is growing by leaps and bounds. Skyscrapers are replacing historic landmarks, scores of people are moving in daily, and traffic is a nightmare.

Over the past 25 years, significant plans have been in place to redesign the country music capital of the country into a metropolitan mega-city with great restaurants, cultural arts, sophisticated living, and booming business, while preserving our hometown feel. We are burgeoning with growth and expansion. While we are enjoying its progress in some areas, the process has been less than desirable and the effect on native Nashvillians has been in some ways challenging. We were excited about the vision the new city, we marveled at the blueprints of what was to come, we underestimated the effect that the speed of construction and change would have on our families, our seniors, our less fortunate.

So it is with us, on the pathway to purpose. We get excited about the vision and the planning, but we underestimate the amount of work it requires to become who we are meant to be. We can also undersestimate the impact it can have on others, if we move too fast, too soon. Our society has become accustomed to having things in an instant. A person can be two million Facebook likes away from superstardom, while the work of character, integrity, and patience is left undone.

As you can tell from past posts, I love delving into purpose because I am on the journey myself. Over the upcoming weeks, we will look at the Who, What, Why, and How of purpose. In the meantime, put on your hardhat, goggles, and work boots. Place a sign on the door to your spirit, soul and body that reads, UNDER CONSTRUCTION.