by Anna Walker

But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

James 1:4


The path to success may be circuitous or straight. Whichever direction you take, you will not get there overnight. It's like standing in the short line, thinking it will go the fastest, but what inevitably happens is a "price check" or something that delays our progress. On the path, there will be delays, but don't fear, it is only a test-a test of our PATIENCE.

This week's post will look at the third step on the path to success. I read a great definition of patience that I have held on to for years- calmly tolerating delay. I learned that it's not only in the tolerating, it's how I tolerate- CALMLY.  Waiting calmly is another level patience.

I can remember wanting to be married so badly. Sometimes I was so anxious, I couldn't stand it! I was searching everywhere to find him- only to learn later that he would find me. So I waited and waited.  In my waiting, I could sense my anxiousness subside. Anxiety became tolerance, tolerance became acceptance. That place of acceptance was my place of calm-knowing that after I had done all I could do, I still had to calmly tolerate this seeming delay until it happened. And it did happen-YEARS LATER! How we wait is more critical than waiting.  It is a true test of our maturity and character. During this time, we are still active and moving toward our dreams and goals, but we move at a steadier pace, with hopeful expectation of success.  Timing is everything.  We want the perfect time for what we desire, but first we must be perfected in the work of patience.

Are you calmly tolerating your delay? If not, you will have to take the test again and again until you pass. Find your place of calm, with joyful expectation that it will come to pass!


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