by Anna Walker


For some reason, distractions kept me off track for last week and this week's post. I definitely had to PERSEVERE to stay focused on my weekly goal. The last step on the path to success is often the most difficult. It is necessary to keep going and move forward despite setbacks, distractions, times when nothing seems to be progressing, and just sheer laziness! One of the definitions of perseverance I love is not to take no for an answer-even when talking to yourself. Will I give up or keep going? Press the pause button on my progress or keep playing slowly, but steadily? Wait until I feel like it, or continue on? In order to persevere, I had to maintain purpose and insist on persisting.

This week's post will encourage you to keep it moving! We learned that small steps are fine-they lead to big steps. One of my biggest areas of improvement is procrastination. If it isn't exactly the way I want or expect, I just put it off. I'm not very proud of this trait, but it forces me to exercise the muscle of perseverance that much more. When you persevere, you experience more, gain more confidence, learn more, and realize more successes.

What are you putting off? Determine today to get back on track and move forward. Daily prioritize your goals to stay on track. So, perhaps I should go ahead and write next week's post to ensure I stay focused! Until next week... KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!