by Anna Walker


de·co·rum -noun

  1. behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety. (WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY)

Days of Wine and Roses is a 1962 film depicting the downward spiral of a couple who succumb to alcoholism and attempt to deal with their problem.  The woman's character is straight laced and proper; the man's character is an alcoholic-volatile and spontaneous, yet charming. Slowly, he lures her into the clutches of alcohol to cope with her issues. Slowly, she follows him until alcohol becomes her demon, as well.

Similarly, I have watched our society slip further and further into the clutches of indecency and immorality. Meanness and lack of respect is the new normal.  Reports of random acts of kindness and stories where people choose to pay it forward have become rare occurrences. People are shocked at how kind we can really be. These kind behaviors seem to be chocked by raging tweets, freedom of speech and acerbic behavior that is so appalling, it's hard to believe. 

Decorum is being packed away along with Emily Post's manners, cursive writing, prayer in schools, the pledge of allegiance, and basic protocol and prepared for a section in a museum of life history. The story does not have to end this way. Let's choose daily to be kind, consider others before ourselves, and tame our tongues, and realize that the next generation is watching. They need more role models who will give them hope for a better tomorrow. America is already great! We were founded on greatness. Let's dust off decorum, restore it areas where it needs and display it for the world to see just how splendid it really is.



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