by Anna Walker


Image Matters

Over the years, I have spoken to individuals and organizations on the topic of "Image Matters".  In today's, post, I encourage you to discover what really matters in your life. We have all heard the concepts of authenticity and personal branding, but do we really take the time to excavate and discover the real treasures within.  The things that set us a part from the rest of the world are our own uniqueness. Like our fingerprints, no two of us are alike. In answering the same existential questions of: What does it all mean? and Who Am I? I determine that I immensely love fashion and style- my uniqueness adds a blend of vintage and contemporary in everything I wear. I love reading and sharing knowledge-my uniqueness adds a breadth of topics from Renaissance Art to Self Help. My tastes create a Style so personal, no one can duplicate it.  There is a congruency in my life that of what I love and who I am. That congruency comes from a consistency in becoming what I'm meant to become.  

What will set you a part? Your love of fine fragrances? Your desire to change the world through the arts? Your advocacy for a social ill? Your love to create hope for the elderly? Your appreciation for the universe and its splendor? I challenge you to find a need and fill it. Discover what sets you a part and set yourself on a course to make a difference.


Fall Must Haves

The Bling Ring

Bling is back! After seasons of oversized jewelry with minimal design, we've made a return to very feminine, sparkly jewelry, like the brooches at both Prada and Balenciaga and the big earrings that were pretty much everywhere.

Lady Loafers

Say hello to the stacked kitten heel. Her stiletto cousin was made famous by Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent and for the past few seasons that's been the shoe to have, but now it is comfort's time to shine. This season, designers are proving that a sky high heel is not the only shoe that can make an outfit cool.

Happy Hemlines

The flounce hem is the happiest. Both flirty and fun, the flounce hem works well for the office, as seen at Louis Vuitton, or for evening, like at Mary Katrantzou. This is exactly the kind of versatile piece every woman needs in her wardrobe. Why wear just a pencil skirt when you can have a personality skirt?