by Anna Walker


"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"..."Keep it simple"..."When perseverance becomes a force of habit, success becomes a guarantee." and so on. Over the years, I have plastered my walls with quotes and mantras that I thought would help me navigate toward the life of success I always dreamed of. I have read scores of books on Self-Help, Personal Leadership, Image and Excellence as a way of life. I finally realized that knowing what to do will never work if I don't get to why I'm doing it and most importantly, HOW. The "how" must be tailor-made for me and perfectly patterned for my life. 

Today's post is about creating a STRATEGY. Builders never build without counting the cost, but the builder can't build without a BLUEPRINT from the architect. The blueprint is the strategy. It is a plan or guide-something visual, sketched on paper, and mapped out meticulously.  The blueprint doesn't tell us how long it will take to build, nor does it identify the obstacles encountered to complete it, but it helps to chart the course.  Keep in mind, however, that the blueprint is a REPRODUCTION of a technical drawing, a PATTERN that must be followed. The CREATOR of that pattern, is God, the DIVINE.  The Architect who designs our lives and helps navigate the plan.  DIVINE STRATEGY does not originate from my mind. I can't think enough positive thoughts to make it happen, I have to seek the One who created me for the blueprint. I may expect the completion of the project in a much shorter time, but if I take time to ask, seek, and knock for Divine Strategies, I will be assured that the life designed for me- whether circuitous or linear will be exactly as it as meant to me.

Some may have had a blueprint, but lost it along the way; others may have stopped building because of discouragement or obstacles; yet, others may have ignored the blueprint and tried to build their own way; lastly, there are those who are following the blueprint precisely and staying the course. No matter where you find yourself, "Keep moving forward"..."Never give up" and "Strive for Progress, Not Perfection."




I. Just. Love. the new fall colors! Here is a peek at what's to come.