by Anna Walker


Over the years, I have been excavating my life in search of who I really am. Not what I do, not who my friends are, not what I want to do, but who I am.  I have read some wonderful books like, The Power of Habit , by Charles Dunigg. He teaches us though powerful scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed. The book breaks down habits as it relates to individuals, successful organizations and societies.  It is an excellent read.  One of the most powerful books I have read is, Let Your Life Speak, by Parker Palmer. Although I read it years ago, I still refer to it to be sure I'm staying the course. Palmer invites us to listen to our inner teacher, who constantly "taps us on the shoulder" to illuminate our true pathway toward vocation. He says that "true self, when violated, will always resist us, sometimes at great cost, holding our lives in check until we honor its truth. In this post, I challenge you to take some quiet time and look over your life.  Is there CONGRUENCY in what the inner teacher teacher is saying, or do you need a "tap on the shoulder" to redirect your course. Some people spend their lives in vocations that are incongruent with who they really are. How do you determine your true path? Ask the questions of yourself and give yourself time to answer. Palmer references a wonderful poem, "Now I Become Myself" by May Sarton, who was on a quest for vocation:

Now I become myself.

It's taken time, many years and places.

I have been dissolved and shaken,

Worn other people's faces...

I encourage you to take the time to ask yourself, What Is you life speaking? 




I often marvel at those who are sartorially elegant.  They seem to have an impeccable flair for style. Those like June Ambrose, Anna Wintour, First Lady Michelle Obama, Cary Grant and Jackie O. Many years ago, I discovered the various style types- Classic, Romantic, Glamorous, and Trendy. I have consulted with many clients to help them identify their style and stick with it- no matter what the trends.  Styles change, but your life speaks of a certain style that helps brand who you are. Do you prefer bold colors, soft lines, large patterns, muted tones.  You may have different looks depending on how you feel, but I encourage you to peruse magazines, window shop, think of your style icon who comes close to your style personality and create a look that is unique to you-your signature style that differs from all the rest.  I am a trendy classic. Yes, you can be a blend of two. It mirrors my love for the vintage and traditional.  What's your style PERSONALITY?