by Anna Walker


I have been on a journey to change the way I think and behave. To be successful is an ongoing process of learning, habitually making small, but significant changes in our daily lives.  One of my favorite thought leaders is John Maxwell. I recently attended a webinar he facilitated on his book, How Successful People Think. Although this book was first published in 2009, over 30,000 participants signed on, eager to learn how to think better.  In this post, I will share six of his principles on how to become a better thinker.

1. Expose Yourself to Good Input- Become well read, listen to good tapes, and surround yourself with good thinkers. Write down life-changing ideas and keep a journal.

2. Expose Yourself to Good Thinkers-Identify and surround yourself with people who will challenge your thinking, just as iron sharpens iron.

3. Choose to Think Good Thoughts- Be intentional. As someone said, "Think about what you are thinking about." Create an environment to think good thoughts and meditate daily.

4. Act on Your Good Thoughts- If you don't act on thoughts right away, they will expire. 

5. Allow Your Emotions to Create Another Good Thought- Don't rely on your feelings, but use emotions to feed the process and create mental momentum.

6. Repeat the Process- This principle reminds me of the Japanese concept of Kaizan- continuous improvement.  Keep the process of good thinking going...never stop thinking good thoughts.



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