by Anna Walker


Last night, I dreamed it was the day of a final exam, and I realized that I had not attended any classes, didn't do the reading, and certainly was not prepared for the test.  I saw others in the exam whizzing through and turning it in ahead of time. Thankfully, I woke up before the exam was over, so I could not further embarrass myself by my lack of preparedness.  

In researching dream studies, they hypothesize that we get these dreams when we lack confidence or motivation, feel stress, fear or the inability to advance to the next level in life, or we are procrastinating about an important matter.

Is there something I feel unprepared for? Afraid of? It caused me to think. In reinventing my business, I am exploring new territory and sometimes the task feels daunting- like increasing my social media presence. I know it is necessary, but preparing to launch has been challenging.  Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, You Tube, Instagram- all new languages I must learn to master in my preparation to succeed.

We are tested daily on the measure of our success. For me, success means simply accomplishing a goal or achievement of a desire- large or small. Small successes lead to greater ones. If I successfully plan, I plan to succeed. Someone said, success is where preparation meets opportunity. I agree. Over the years, I have found that in order to prepare for success you need four things: Purpose, Productivity, Patience, and Perseverance.  For the next four weeks we will delve into these areas as it relates to preparation for success.  Are you ready to succeed?




Although it's unseasonably warm in Nashville (high 60's right now).  We will soon be preparing for plunging temperatures. Who says we have to look like the Michelin man to combat the weather? This week, let's look at trends to keep us warm and fab!

Make a statement in FABRICS of faux fur, leather and suede. The KEY trend is the cape, poncho and blanket wrap- don't forget the fringe!. KNITS with cozy yarns and cashmere are a MUST, especially the poncho topper paired with a classic white shirt or turtleneck. The cowl neck sweater DRESS with boots and tights is a simple but go to look. Statement COATS with color, pattern and detail are in. Specialty velvet jackets are perfect for holiday evenings. the faux fur SCARF is a luxurious cold weather staple.



Two key trends for this season include "mindful eating" and wearable technology.

The ancient practice of mindful eating is now a modern trend.  'Mindful eating means choosing foods with deliberate intention, being aware of taste and texture and chewing your food until it’s a paste,' says Joy McCarthy, a Toronto-based certified holistic nutritionist and the bestselling author of Joyous Health.’ll be more likely to maintain a healthy weight due to slower eating and the consumption of fewer calories... This improved digestion will result in increased energy and optimum nutrient absorption.'

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) believes that the popularity of wearable technology (calorie trackers, step counters, sleep monitors) will soar.... This information can provide motivation to move more, consume fewer calories or get additional sleep. They also believe that “the more attention you pay to healthy behaviors, the more likely you’ll improve on them,” 




Traveling this season? Check out some great travel tips to make your journey memorable and enjoyable.

1. Consider Global Entry-The government's border crossing program for frequent air travelers. Membership is valid for 5 years. Benefits include expedited travel from the gate to terminal exit and no lengthy customs or immigration lines.

2. Choose Themed Travel- It's fun to set a goal to see the 7 wonders of the world, or the best museums in the world, or the few famed 7-star hotels in the world.

3. Go Solo- More and more women are traveling solo and finding groups such as the Women's Travel Group. Their mission is to "exceed your travel expectations with unique experiences, help you appreciate the nuances of a society and country, and leave you with a new world perspective, shared with new travel friends." Visit