by Anna Walker


My dream of Image Consulting has been in the making and realized for many years. However, I have sensed that it was time to reinvent, try something new, expand my vision. I was stuck. What should it look like? how can I continue to use my gifts to help others? I've reach a milestone in my life, how will I impact my community and make a difference, now? 

Enter a new acquaintance, whom I met in a John Maxwell Mastermind class earlier this year.  I admired her business savvy, quest for adventure, visionary acuity and incredible organizational skills. I knew she was someone I wanted to know. Several months passed, and as I continued to ponder "What's Next?", I thought of her. We Met. A new vision was birthed. 

I could no longer look inside myself-pondering and churning the same thoughts and borrowed ideas.  I needed someone to listen to who I could become. It takes a village- those whom you trust, believe can guide you to the next level of thinking and introduce you to those who have been waiting for you all along.

This week, I'm encouraging you to seek out your "Dream Merchant". That Divinely appointed person or people to help you expand your thinking and pursue new things. Those who you can collaborate with and chart new territory. 

It takes a village. Create yours.