by Anna Walker


The uniform for those in the Armed Services has served to distinguish its members from those in civilian society for centuries. In the Marines, the uniform can be Blues Dress, Service, Utility or Training. It personifies order, courage, and pride. Corporate attire- the traditional suit and tie for me and skirt suit for women connotes professionalism and polish. The construction worker needs protective gear and durable casual clothes meant to withstand the rigorous work on a job site. Based on what you desire to do in life, there is a "suit"-proper attire that reflects your choice of industry. That uniform or attire helps distinguish you from other industries.

This week's blog is to encourage you to identify your personal uniform- your character and how it is congruent with your core beliefs.

 Many of us are walking around in fearful attire when we should be suited for strength and courage. Many of us are leading when we should be dressed to follow; There are those who are wandering aimlessly when they are suited for greatness and impact because they lack the garment of focus.  The only person who can cull through your closet and take inventory is you. It's time to get rid of outdated anger, torn worry, and moth- eaten arrogance and stained disappointment. Replace them with the attitude of expectation and  joy, and the garment of praise. Take back the belt of lies and exchange it for the belt of truth.  Purchase humility and wear it as your undergarment. When you have taken full inventory, replaced and thrown away all that has kept you from distinguishing yourself and reflecting who you really are, stand firm in what you believe and live and dress congruently.  Know what you are suited for!

(Ref. Ephesians 6:10-18)


In taking my own inventory of what I am suited for, I determined that I my culinary tastes range from fine dining to hole-in-the-wall good eats, I love the museum and the arts- I have seen six of the top ten museums in the world. I love good music and close friends. I love great plays and all things fashionable. I love the excellence of God and the beauty in this world he created. I could go on and on. Check out some of the things I suited for.

On the mission fields in Jamaica..2005

Marriage to Matthew... 2011

Preparing next year for my fourth half marathon!

WORLD TRAVEL! I'm in Athens..