by Anna Walker


I welcomed 50 years of living this month.  It's still surreal. I'm so thankful for a well-connected family, lifetime friends and a community where I can live and move and have my being. As i have reflected over the past five decades, I concluded that there are five things I want to live by:

1. Stay connected to God. He is that Divine Pattern of that perfection to which we all aspire. Mornings in His presence give me a sense of His will, hope, peace, direction, focus, love and communion; Daily walking with Him helps guide my path and navigate the day; Evening reflections keep me humbly grateful for life and love and all things well.

2. Create the life I want. So many times we hear that we are waiting on God and all the while, He is waiting on us. This finally clicked with me this year. Sure, there are things He has planned, but what am I doing with the resources He has given me? Goals are great, but realistic small steps are greater. Is my life congruent with who I am?  So important. I am my own product.  How I look says everything about me. How I keep my home, my car, my office is a reflection of who I am. I must "Do It Afraid" and get beyond my comfort zone to explore new avenues and take more risks. I am more intentional about identifying ways to live my passion and BECOME The Total You.

3. How I eat now, will reward or punish me later. I used to eat pizza late at night, skip breakfast and lose 2 pounds! Well, now my thighs are a grim reminder that those pounds were really just hiding in pockets,waiting to emerge and stubborn about leaving. It's still a work in progress, but it has moved way up on my list. It's so important to plan meals ahead to avoid the pitfalls of bad eating habits. I want to live well, age well, and be well.

4. Give and it shall be given unto me.  The more I give, the more I experience the joy of giving. I allow God to do the rewarding. He knows what I need. Sometimes, it's a kind word or compliment to a stranger, prayer for others in the hospital while your friend or loved one is there, time with a niece, elderly neighbor, or old friend. Other times, it's to charity and benevolent acts of kindness. Allow God to show you.

5. Set boundaries and stick to them. What you allow must always create a pathway toward vocation, personal moral values, and serve the world's needs.  What you disallow makes room for more opportunity and creates an inner strength and resolve. It's o.k. to say no!    

Of course there are more, but in my quest to narrow my focus and do a few things well, if I master these five things, my life will produce more fruit than I can imagine.



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